As with Facebook (who also own Instagram), the key to reporting on Instagram is to familiarise yourself with the 3 dots Three Dots that are displayed near posts.

Puppy with dots across its bum

How do I report a post or ad on Instagram?

  1. Login to your Instagram account.
  2. Above the post, ad or profile, click on Three Dots (iOS) or Three Dots (Android).
  3. Click on “Report”.
  4. For sponsored ads you will be able to ‘hide ad’ or ‘report ad’. For posts from individuals or business which you follow, you can choose ‘report’ and select the reason for concern. There is also the option to ‘unfollow’ or ‘mute’.

How to report a comment on Instagram

  1. Login to your Instagram account.
  2. Go to the post you want to report.
  3. Click on Speech Bubble below the post.
  4. Swipe left over the comment (iPhone) OR click and hold the relevant comment (Android) 
  5.  Click on Info (iPhone) or Info (Android).
  6. Select “Spam or Scam” or “Abusive Content”.
  7. Select the options which best describe why you believe the content is abusive

*Reports are anonymous.

How do I report a private message on Instagram?

  1. Login to your Instagram account.
  2. Go to your inbox
  3. Click on the message
  4. Click the Info symbol at the top right hand page.
  5. Delete, report or block the sender. There is also a tick box option to ‘mute’ the sender.

NB. If you wish to get a refund or a replacement for an item purchased, you can directly message the seller on Instagram. On the seller profile page there is also the option of the 3 dots, where you can ‘block this user’, ‘restrict’ or ‘report’. If possible try and resolve your issue privately with the seller.

If you have identified a suspicious post, account or ad on Instagram but don’t have an account, click here to fill in an online form.