On Facebook there are many ways to report, depending on the nature of your complaint. You may wish to report a private group, a business page or a person.  On Facebook the three dots at the top of a post or next to a comment are the key to connecting with Facebook and reporting everything from a fraudulent fundraiser, suspicious ads to a hacked account.

To report on Facebook you need to login into your account first.  

How do I report an individual profile, message, page or group on Facebook?

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  1. Click on the profile or page you want to report
  2. Click on Three Dots in the top right of the post or next to the comment
  3. Click on “Find support or report post“ Report
  4. Select the options which best describe why you want to report. Some of the options may include concerns over false news, spam, violence, harassment and unauthorised seller.

*Reports are anonymous and your name or details of the report will not be visible to the public.

Tip: Group admins have privileges in a Facebook group and can remove posts if necessary or ban members from a group. They are often a good place to start if you have a concern.  There is also an option to ‘unfollow’ or ‘block’ an individual profile or page if you no longer wish to be friends or follow the person or page. This is also accessed by clicking the three dots Three Dots.

Always look out for the three dots!

More help on making a report to Facebook can be found here.

What about Facebook Marketplace?

On Facebook you can buy and sell products by joining a private or public group. If you wish to make a report because you have an issue with a seller or buyer then you can always click the 3 dots (see the details above).  

If you wish to get a refund or a replacement for an item purchased, you can message the seller directly on Facebook and try to resolve the matter this way first. Each seller will have their own policy and if they are selling used goods you may have to arrange with the seller prior to your purchase.

More information on resolving an issue on Marketplace can be found here.

Other issues you may wish to report on Facebook

  • Fake Fundraisers
  • Scam Advertising or a Sponsored Ad on Facebook
  • Hacked or fake Facebook account*
  • Posts on your timeline
  • Private messages

*If you believe your account has been hacked or someone is impersonating you, help is available by following the guidance found here.

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Facebook Tip

Ensure your password is changed on your social media accounts and is strong and protective. Tips on how to create a strong password can be found here. If your complaint doesn’t fall within any of the areas listed, you can try looking here. This advises on how to report on Facebook.