Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be a minefield when it comes to knowing what is real and what is fake.  From pop-up sponsored ads selling age-defying serums to local marketplaces selling second-hand items, it’s easy to click and buy products that appear to be a great deal at the time. If you have an issue on a social media site there are ways to get help.


On Facebook there are many ways to report, depending on the nature of your complaint. You may wish to report a private group, a business page or a person.  On Facebook the three dots at the top of a post or next to a comment are the key to connecting with Facebook and reporting everything from a fraudulent fundraiser, suspicious ads to a hacked account…

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As with Facebook (who also own Instagram), the key to reporting on Instagram is to familiarise yourself with the 3 dots that are displayed near posts…

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Twitter is a fast-paced world of social media chat, but unlike Facebook and Instagram there is not a separate marketplace or group page. Twitter posts can be from an individual, brand or business. Twitter also has advertisement and promoted tweets. A post on Twitter is called a Tweet…

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