OnBuy.com is one of the newer UK-based online shopping platforms, selling goods from high street brands to products from smaller retailers. Unlike other online marketplaces (such as Amazon or eBay) they are not a retailer so you will need to take up any requests directly with the seller.

How do I request a refund on OnBuy?

  1. Login to your OnBuy account.
  2. Go to the View orders section
  3. Locate the order you’d like to return
  4. Click the ‘Return Items’ button and add the details of the return
  5. Return your goods once the return request has been approved by the seller (the return policy varies from seller to seller).  

Where can I report a suspicious product on OnBuy?

If you have found a product on OnBuy that you think looks dodgy or suspicious, you can report it here.

Select the ‘Report a Product Violation’ tab and complete the online form. Make sure you add as much detail as possible.

OnBuy shopping tip

Every seller on OnBuy is a registered business and not an individual. Each product sold on the site has a unique product code called an OnBuy Product Code (OPC). This is found on the product page on the right hand side. This number should be used should you need to report a product.