How do I request a refund?

  1. Sign into your account and go to your orders.
  2. Next to the relevant order, click on “Problem with order”
  3. Select the reason which best describes your issue
  4. Click on “Request refund”
  5. Add comments to support your request

You can also try checking the information on Amazon’s seller polices page here which covers a range of issues.

How do I request a replacement product?

  1. Follow this link to access the Online Return Centre
  2. Click on “Return a Product”
  3. Select “Return a product from this order” for the relevant order
  4. In the “Reason for return” menu, select the reason which best describes why you want to return the product.
  5. Use the return label you will receive to send back the product.

If you have a complaint about an order you can contact Amazon at complaints@amazon.co.uk  

How do I report a suspected counterfeit product?

If you suspect a product you are viewing or have purchased is counterfeit, email Amazon at seller-performance@amazon.com.

Make sure you include as much detail as possible about the product. Amazon recommends putting the seller name and a link to their storefront in the email. In the subject heading put a relevant title such as ‘possible fraudulent products identified’.

For more information on seller violations on Amazon have a look here.

How do I report an issue with a product?

If you suspect that product information is incorrect this can be reported by clicking:

This can be found below the product specifications box (see the diagram at the top of the page). This gives the option of selecting which part of the page is incorrect and a comment box. You must be logged into your Amazon account to do this.

Tip: Keep any emails to Amazon as brief and clear as possible. Amazon receives many emails a day and this will aid the process. Note, you will initially receive an automated reply from Amazon, so do not try to respond to it.

What should I do if I received a suspicious email from Amazon?

If you receive suspicious communication (phone call, email or web page) from Amazon send the suspicious email or details to stop-spoofing@amazon.com. Be sure to include as much information as possible such as a record of the conversation or details of the email or web page.

For more information on spotting a genuine Amazon email or web address go here.