Report fraud by email:

If you have received a fraudulent or suspicious email which you have not responded to, please forward the email to phishing@natwest.com

Report fraud by phone:

If you receive an unexpected call from NatWest, let them know you will call back. Where possible use a different phone line to call back using a trusted number (look at your bank statement or bank card). The bank will never ask you to transfer money to a safe account. The industry continue to work with Telecommunications providers to further improve the controls against Smishing.

  • Report fraud on personal bank account: 03457 888 444
  • Report Fraud on a Personal Credit Card: 0800 161 5153
  • Report a scam: 0345 989 0002
  • Report fraud on a business account: 03457 114 477
  • Report fraud on a business credit card: 0800 161 5164
  • Report suspicious calls: 0800 161 5154

Hard of hearing options:

Text Relay: add 18001 before the number you are calling.
More information about Minicom and SignVideo options with NatWest

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