Buster’s Top 5 Current Scams

Since the launch of BogusBuster we have been alarmed at the worrisome amount of scams circulating. From bogus callers posing as officials from Contact Track and Trace to Netflix and HMRC phishing scams the list is endless. Fraudsters can be convincing and their methods are sophisticated, it is very easy to be fooled when put under pressure.

Here’s a list of current scams that are circulating to help you stay one step ahead of scammers.

1. PayPal

PayPal Scam 1
Paypal Screenshot 2

2. Netflix

3. HMRC tax refund

4. COVID-19

This is usually a phone call. You can read more about what to look out for here.

5. Spotify

6. Amazon

7. Fixed Penalty Fine

Buster’s 5 tips to stay safe …

  1. Ask a friend first. If you receive any communication by SMS, email or a phone call don’t react immediately. Get a second opinion from a friend, relative or neighbour.
  2. Don’t click on any links or respond to the message.
  3. If in doubt …. delete the message or hang up. Do your own research and independently call the company in question.
  4. Your bank, the DVLA or HMRC will never phone asking for money to be transferred or threaten fines or jail for non-compliance. Hang up on anyone being aggressive, pushy or wanting instant action. Phone numbers can be cloned to appear genuine.
  5. Tell someone about the scam. Report the suspicious communication to the company who are being targeted and if necessary the police and Action Fraud.  

If you are sadly caught out by a scam please consider sharing your story so others don’t get conned. Whilst it’s human nature to feel ashamed or embarrassed, this is what scammers count on. By spreading the word about your experience you’ll help create awareness about scams and help other stay safe from this vicious activity.  

Call the police on 101 if you have transferred money to a scammer.

All types of scams can be reported to Action Fraud here.